Like My Father – 2012

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Eli and Ingrid took me to the cowshed to meet another old friend of my dad’s. The whole time I’ve been here, my dad has been made clear to be some sort of celebrity among the people of the Kibbutz Ma’agan. We pulled up in their two month old Nissan—they had never owned a car before this, because “there was no need to,” said the fifty-something couple—and parked under the shade of a single palm tree, from which the almost-ripened figs of October were beginning to fall to the ground, in reds and greens and brownish-black. The smell greeted me immediately, and I realized how comfortable I was with the smell of cow shit— maybe because of Davie, maybe from a distant memory of camp, or maybe from my collegiate acceptance of [...]

Train Ride Home – 2015

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The endless green fields hurtle past my window on the 7:46 AM Intercity Direct to Schiphol Airport while my finger holds the page in a book I have failed to read and the conductor comes on the intercom to announce the next arrival in a language I have failed to learn. The sound of the distinct Dutch accent floats between my ears like soft vibrations in the background of thoughts moving ahead and in reverse at faster speeds than this train could ever travel. Thoughts about the evolution of the Dutch Techno scene and how dance moves had gone from a religious attachment to the two-step to an emergence of some kind of effeminate running-man shuffle on heels and toes that our new brothers told us was only used by the nerds [...]

Last Thursdays at Dubliner Outline – 2012

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General The Dubliner Begins 5/30/2013 Semi-Weekly or Monthly 10pm-4am   Possible Names Last Thursday Thirsty Thursday Bacchus Sway Grogg Throwback Thursday Speak Easy Thankful Thursday Thoughtless Thursday   Drink Specials Reverse Happy Hour 12am-2am (Half off all Draught Beer, House Wine, Well/Call Liquor) $3 pints of PBR, Heineken, New Castle, and Strong Bow all night $5 domestic pitchers during power hour $2 mixed shots all night (our choice)   Music Todd Traxler (DJ) Indie/Party/Dance/Bar Hits   Entertainment Beer pong Eastern section of Dubliner 3-5 tables along the wall Irish movie On loop Subtitles Exception for sports games Ex: The Departed, Boondock Saints Power Hour Themed/Gimmicky   Schedule 10PM-11PM      Music by Todd Traxler 11PM-12AM      Power Hour 12AM-3AM        Music by Todd Traxler 3AM-4AM          iPod Playlist       Marketing Social Media Facebook page Instagram [...]

Things I Never Told My Parents When I Lived With Them (…I Still do) – 2012

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I recently had a conversation with a friend who had the misfortune of having both his mother and his father die within a few years of each other, and during what most would consider youth’s essentially formative years—the late teens. About this friend of mine who has become more of a brother I could probably write an entire tribute, doing my best to describe his virtue and optimism in the face of a terrible hand. I could write about the strength he has to look forward while embracing the fact of his loss without fear or self pity, to not bury a tragedy but instead walk humbly beside it, to remain young after so much pain—all qualities of an existence I can only wonder about and utterly respect from my own unfamiliarity [...]

Ocean and Sky – 2008

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The sky sank down upon the ocean like the hand of a doctor pressing against the flesh of a newborn chest, searching for a beat. The blue heaven so caressed the black waves that one would not be able to claim the scene as a set of two, but one; oh one! alone in the eyes of an absent audience. The stars freckled the sky, waiting for the all infinite to become what it had always promised to be, the end of watchfulness and the beginning of destiny manifest. A seldom austere owl floated by, with a single hoo at the stars, unforgiving, telling them that God had not yet come. The sand was a giant stroke of paint across canvas, stretching between the absolute here and the dream of there, comforting [...]

The Grand Piazza – 2010

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One by one, the lights of the Grand Piazza began to snap into the night. Neon signs hanging over the restaurants and the bars doubled and tripled against the reflective windows of the square. Colored bulbs dripped off the trees, never to reach the ground. The comforting heat of the day was swiftly replaced by a brilliant night; the colored lights professing the wealth of the plaza and a bustle of newcomers streaming through the gates. They were trailed closely by the loud but muffled rumble of an early night and early drinks. I was there, and so was Landon Van Pelt, who was leaning against a post alone, looking into the lake upon which the entire piazza was centered. Drawing the din of mob into itself, a quick wind carried voices [...]

The Fall of God – 2012

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Thirty yards outside of the Saint Michael Cathedral stood the fall of God. He floated in the air a foot above the ground, and turned his back on the white marble structure to instruct his battalion. Just as he did, a man rushed through the double doors of the church unseen. “Father Frederick!” The man ran up the steeple and into the papal offices. Dust floated against the rays barging in from the stained glass windows. Two men were seated close to the alter, silently praying. The man walked through the doors to the office of Frederick Coppel, the head priest of the church. The father was seated in his chair, staring over towards the wall with an open bible before him. He held his rosary between his thumb and forefinger, the [...]

Sway Wednesday Outline – 2012

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Monkey Business Presents… Sway Wednesday At Esmeralda’s Lounge 9pm-4am   Expected Attendance 50-100   Age Group 21+   Cover Charge Free   Alcohol Tap Beers: $2 Pitchers: $5 Bottled or Canned Beers: $4-5 Sangria: House Pricing Wine: House Pricing   Food Options (Cheap/Easy) Chips and Salsa/Artichoke Dip Pizza by the Slice Chicken Wings Sliders   Possible Gimmicks Art show Movies Beer Pong tournament   Props/Games Beer Pong Tables (x3) Flip Cup Table (Long) Beer Funnels Bimini Ring   Paid Staff Manager (1) Bartenders/Servers (2-3) Security (0-1) Cooks (1) Dishes/Cleanup (1)   Promotional Strategy Flyers Banner Social Media Nova/BC/FIU Local Bars and Restaurants Press (Radio/Newspaper) Restaurant Review Websites   Costs Event coordination and promoting: 10% for up to $500 sales 20% of all sales after $500 Flyers and Posters: $30-50 DJ: $50 Miscellaneous: [...]

Sway Cantina Burritos and Beer Business Plan – 2013

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SWAY CANTINA Burritos & Beer BUSINESS PLAN February, 2013   Company Overview Description of Business Sway Cantina, Burritos and Beer is a new take on the American Cantina. Potentially located right across the street from Nova Southeastern University, Broward College, and the three satellite campuses of University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, and Florida International University, it will provide the abundant and growing youth of the Davie and Ft. Lauderdale area (along with catering to all age groups of the location) an opportunity to eat unique burritos and tacos of their own creation, drink a wide variety of craft beer, and lounge or focus during the day amongst an array of art, literature, and quiet music.   Sway Cantina will be a start-up company with the status of LLC. The founders and [...]

Sling Kickstarter Video Script – 2014

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Hi I’m Kevin Cole. Everyone is jealous because I get to work from home. It allows me the freedom of working at my own pace and even sneaking in some me time. Imagine what they would say if they knew that I also get to work from bed. That’s why I created the Sling. With a sleek and minimalistic acrylic support, and adjustable parachute cords allowing stability, the Sling provides everything you need and some things you don’t.   Catches book   Unless you’re into that. The Sling isn’t one to judge. Use it for anything. Watch movies and shows, complete a project, stream an online lecture, Skype with dogs. Our factory, while currently insufficient for producing high volume, assures that each sling is given the precision and care of a handmade [...]

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